Extract 1

Pain is the bastard that makes a home of man. It is bitterness wrapped in the embryo of our fears. Pain, is a coward; hidden deep in the deck of our doubts. It finds fear for us, and through it, makes us fear. It makes us suffer.

If pain is the shadow,

We must be the shade.

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Thing 21-23

As I draw to a close dear ladies and gents, allow me to indulge my needs to your prestigious ears in the most humble way possible with a word.




Ah if only it were that easy, but oN TO THING 21! Possibly one of my favourite Things in the past few weeks. A harboured worry always creeping in the back of my conscious has been towards finding funding for my research if (and i use if sparingly and judging of myself here) i am to take it forward in terms of on site action. I have not been able to delve too deeply into Research Professional’s arsenal, however from the few links and news i have been able to find, it was very informative in my consideration of what i need to learn before attempting a larger project than what I’m currently doing especially one that will need a lot of funds. To add, it was beneficial in helping me find a larger array for networking, at least for the future, in the strive for the arts revival (sneak peek of my research, so you don’t say i dont indulge you in anything)…I keed, i keed.

FINALLY, I would like to thank the wonderful RDP team for starting and continuing a beneficially lovely project such as these THINGS as they have indeed helped me perfect my researching skills, and admittedly not entirely but largely, polished my technical inadequacies, especially on research/journal sites. It would be lovely to see the future array of students indulge as i have in this project and hopefully learn more and more as it goes along.


As always i thank you, and bid you à tout à l’heure.


With admiration (one love)

The Word Urchin



Thing 9-20

I’ve always been a fan of Wikipedia, less popularly its citations. It’s always nice to look at, at the end of a reading; as if we managed to educate ourselves just that bit further, by memorising the exact column it hung from. Down to the page. Funny thing is, few times I looked up these resources I was never lucky enough to find them! My relationship with wikipedia thus began to falter and eventually, in disarray brought on by distrust, fall apart. I still go back every now and then, a guilty sin of sorts.

Podcasts. Amazing. Educational. Phenomenal! Until the first hour passes and the same dudes still talking about relative disproportionate possibilities of a fictional entity. Don’t get me wrong, i have a lot of podcasts, i love em. But sometimes i just can’t bear to listen to them. The Literature bits always fun to have a sneak at though, until the drama begins. Ted talks, mmm, mixed. It’s nice, great for some people, but some just do so well till they reach the “AND YOU CAN MAKE JUST AS MUCH AS I CAN IF!” You see ladies and gents, i hate “ifs” I loathe them. I am an either or guy. Fair enough some people hold hope with an IF and i wish them best of luck either way. But i’d really rather not “CAN IF”. To be fair, i’ve never been a fan of recording myself. I’m a “take the pictures, hold the camera” type.

One resource i stumbled across from the last few weeks blogs was this beauty, the piece not the figure. It helped me look up a sociological aspect that’s just been killing me in this lmfjijrepmfg research. Funnily enough it was off wikipedias resources, maybe we can start up our relationship again. MAYBE.

I tried Prezi a few times in two different unis. And I’ll probably be trying it again in the future. It was fun, until I pretty much lost myself in the themes and different slide options, thankfully as we were a group, we succeeded in failing on its technical possibilities. But it was one heck of a pretty transition from one slide to the next i can tell you that. On the other hand, it is pretty nifty to be able to give an interactive presentation of sorts that almost resembles a gif in a conversation, and now a days, who doesn’t like a good gif.

As for publishing papers, well i hope this exercise, and by extension my research, will be valid (possibly) and strong enough an argument to give me a confidence boost in sharing it with fellow academics (one love bruvs and sis). Google Scholar is my aim though. Thats when i can start giving the TED talks (i have dreams yea, just go with it.) It’s always given me more citations than the other ones, except Jstor of course, that my amore. When in doubt, get JSTOR out. Least when i stick myself in a corner at almost missing a deadline for a paper or something. Granted though i would say both of these areas give the most citations for a single article i often use. I’ve not used Almetrics like Impact story however and so cannot give much input beyond, cool, it may very well be a tool for my research in the future. Admittedly i still find it hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly what I’m looking for in the vast array of sites, almetric or other, in the scope they give (wikipedia’s being a very naughty mistress again).

I usually, nay, traditionally, still use skype to have meetings with my supervisors and other factions of the university when i am unable to attend in person. Adobe although awesome in many accounts, have not seen eye to eye with me, largely due to my profound incapability of coping with online techs. Even skype sometimes gives me the cold shoulder when i attempt to add an extra caller to the group call. But who knows what the future brings, maybe Connect will learn to accept me and i it.

On the other hand, i have used doodle many times in response to events and the like sent to me. It’s handy but i still prefer a text before a meeting or a calendar entry. Old fashioned i know, but consider it charmingly traditional…please. I use dropbox for my photography though, ooh and google drive for all my essays. Surely that pushes me with the curve no?



Shaka Laka,

The Word Urchin






Thing 4-8

I’d like to say dear readers, but it feels too cliché and to be fair I don’t believe i’m that high up on the blogger chain yet to get away with it. So for the time being HEY ALL! HOW’S EVERYTHING?

We were tasked a few Things on the #23things (notice my referencing huh?) which largely included social media as, well, a social thing or professional. Personally I have a few sites ranging from a Twitter account to LinkedIn, to Instagram, that I have been using for a while, though not quite sure how. Really it was a “well what the heck”moment. And yet I have to admit I was never one who felt the need to share all of these on each respective site. I understand selling oneself in business terms, and yet the over proliferation of statuses “check out my new hashtag!,”öh look a brown cookie on my resume! #lolscookiesonresumies” was a bit too much for me. Of course to each his own it goes without saying, but I still have to wonder, where is the line between a professionally sharing community and shameless self advertisement coagulating into every other media? But then again it makes sense, people need to find jobs and in this century this is literally the quickest way to be and stay out there.

What I would say is in my opinion it helps to distinguish between the social, in my case Facebook and Instagram, to the professional LinkedIn and Twitter (well the second ones a grey area for me but for the sake of sounding intellectual just accept it.) SO I cannot offer you cookies on resumes or any sort of bakery really, but for the advent of a career I would say Twitter, again this is my opinion, are the best answers to Thing 8 in terms of which sites that I believe are better suited for research without the need to over sell in other people’s posts and the like as some would do in other social media, (see what I did there).

As for the image based sites as suggested in Thing 6, I respectfully decline. As I like to take photography as a hobby I feel image based sites although very helpful and of course professional for many, in this case would not be helpful in terms of my research as it is ultimately a word based venture, and much of the photography I have come to find on Instagram or other, although artistic and beautiful in some instances, do not merge with the heavily literary aspect I’m pursuing. They are also another media I would place in the personal category, because really they are incredibly fun.

As always it’s been a pleasure readers and in the words of every awkward adult, keep on keepin on!


All Best,

Word Urchin

Thing 1

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Social Media since Facebook declared world domination on its arrival. It’s an excellent and efficient way to keep in touch with new, old, or lost contacts as well as business ventures, in my opinion. However, in that extent it also allows a whole new arena for scams, or fraud or stalkers as news has been covering in its multitudes for the past few years. My experience for example has been mostly on Facebook and rarely Twitter. I’ve tried a few blogs in the past, but never stuck diligently to them as I felt I lacked the knowledge on maintaining them as well as attempting to proliferate them to an open network public, if that’s a word. Ultimately of course it depends on the user, but even then I wonder how much is the term/subject and activity of User being applied by the individual instigating it, I.e. The user, and how much of his/her stuff is being used or censored?

For 23 things program I hope to apply the knowledge I’ve gained here into perhaps this blog or a new one on my writings which consist of poetry and some short stories. I hope to manage how to be able to wisely dissipate my writings on a social/open scale so others can hopefully constructively comment and perhaps help me better what I write. As well as a business venture for publications and such; simply how to comminucate through blogging.

                      Thanks for reading!

All best!

Word Urchin